Award Winning Films

IU Film Festival not simply has great movies, but rather we have awards to appreciate those

films as well. The awards are for different categories. Each year after screening of all films by

students, there is an award ceremony at last to announce best film and awards in various

categories mentioned below, which is chosen and presented by the jury and guest invited from

the film making industry or related field to give a feedback on the films. This ends up plainly

one motivation for students to work their best, keeping in mind the end goal to achieve these

titles or awards for their films.


Second Film festival held in 2014 was the first time when we stepped out and screened our films in Nueplex cinemas. Where our valuable guest and jury chose best film out of so many to be awarded, which was:


Third Film festival held in year 2015 was also organized in Nueplex cinemas. Well known people from industry were there to judge movies. They selected following movies as award winning films:


The most recent festival is IU Film Festival ’16, also held in Nueplex cinemas. Everyone witnessed some great work by the students on the day. The award winning films of last year were:


Past Events